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Weather Engineers: The Best Air Conditioning Replacement in Middleburg FL


The Weather Engineers are the most respected air conditioning replacement Middleburg FL specialists. Our company has been serving the area for quite some time and the locals have gotten to know us well. They have experienced our services first-hand which is why they keep coming back to us whenever they have AC concerns. Replacement is one of our specialties. People want to know whether they can or should get a new unit for their homes. Here are a few rules of thumb:

10 Year Rule

Most units have warranties that last up to 10 years of more because of their known reliability. In case yours is still running beyond this period, then you might want to consider getting a replacement because the warranty has already lapsed. You could always keep it running but know that things will start to get tricky from here on out. All machines will eventually give in to age and ACs are no exception.

Watch Your Bills

One of the ways in which age manifests itself is that the bills start to rise. If there are no changes made to your household setup and your usage remains the same then the bills should be fairly constant. But old units tend to decrease in efficiency which is why they need to consume more power than usual. This consumption will rise slowly at first but then it can zoom up causing a spike in monthly bills.

Persistent Problems

Most issues that arise with ACs are fairly easy to solve. They have known troubleshooting guidelines and have common parts ready for repairs. However, old age complicates matters because it is not just a single component that is failing. The whole system has been descending in performance and so problems become persistent. The only real solution is air conditioning replacement Middleburg FL residents can trust from Weather Engineers.