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When Should I Have My Duct System Cleaned?


When Should I Have My Duct System Cleaned?

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With spring cleaning we all know there’s going to be more literal cleaning than usual. Some of us love to collect unnecessary things that pile up in the attic making a nice collection of landscapes and castles for spiders. While this can be a well-appreciated gift for our 8-legged friends, it can also contribute to respiratory problems and further issues that nobody really wants to go through. Dust and debris can build up very easily if you don’t take good care of your home and your air ducts. And though there’s no scientific evidence that cleaning them regularly improves the air quality, it stands out of logic that it has to be done at some point, and it probably should be done by experienced professionals if you want to have it well taken care of. We at Weather Engineers, Inc. have over 50 years of experience not only in installations, repairing and replacements, but also in Duct System cleaning in Ponte Vedra, FL. If you’re unsure whether or not your ducts should be cleaned this spring, we’d like to make things clearer for you by sharing some signs or tips that will surely help out with this decision.

When was the last time you did it?

It might take a very long time until your ducts are actually worth cleaning. But, depending on the level of activity your house has had over the past few years, it might be better to at least have a look at their state. Dust and debris can pile up very easily after renovations or if you just moved into a house that has been through some tough times. Look for signs of mold or extreme dust buildup, that will make your decision much easier. It’s very likely that you might need to hire a cleaning service if you just refurbished your whole house.

Is there mold?

Mold is extremely toxic and silent. Due to its growing process, it won’t be easy to find unless there’s an open area in your house that has lots of humidity and poor air ventilation. Otherwise, mold is likely to grow in dark closed areas that are hard to reach. Having professionals do a quick check every couple years could be helpful if mold is stealthily growing in your house.
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Do you have uninvited guests?

Some insects or small animals might have checked-in at your Air Duct Hotel without notice. If that’s the case and you’ve been seeing some suspicious behavior in the house, you might want to check that out. If there’s anything worse than having to get Duct System cleaning in Ponte Vedra, FL is having an exterminator called for an unexpected visit.

Is there asbestos present?

This should be alone, a reason to book a cleaning service immediately. Asbestos is linked to severe respiratory diseases. And since we know the last thing you’d want is to expose yourself and your family to it, a regular check is widely advised!
You don’t have to clean your Air Ducts all the time. If someone is telling you to, they might be more interested in your money than your comfort. We at Weather Engineers, Inc. care about our customersand their well-being, but you will always have the last word. If you need assessment or would like to hire any of our other services, give us a call today at (904) 503-7710. We love our job and we’re committed to your satisfaction!