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Brighten Your Child’s Spring with these Fun Ideas


Brighten Your Child’s Spring with these Fun Ideas

Brighten Your Child’s Spring with these Fun Ideas
Spring is here and it’s a great time to try out some new ways to bond with your child. Weather Engineers, Inc. has built its reputation on family values and community partnerships as quality providers of AC service and maintenance in Middleburg, FL. We’ve put together a list of fun activities to spend time together at home and in the community with your child. All of these are easy to do, so why not give one a try?

  • Build a sandbox. If you have a young child, building a sandbox to play in the backyard is a fun and simple project. Go to the local hardware store and get some plywood cut to your specifications. Fill it with sand and let your child enjoy a new play space while you hang out in the backyard together.
  • Create a sundae buffet. Family members of all ages will get in on this sweet treat idea! This is a fun idea to celebrate a special achievement like a good report card at school, but it is also a nice surprise for any time. Pick out one or two plain ice cream flavors like vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate. Next, buy toppings. Sliced fruit, crumbled cookies, chopped nuts, hot fudge, and sprinkles are all popular options. Stack bowls and add spoons at the end of your buffet line. Place toppings in small bowls with spoons to let everyone pick out their own toppings. Help serve each person a scoop or two of ice cream and watch them make a custom treat. You can even award the most creative or decorative sundae and take pictures.
  • Make a game night at home. Let your child have a friend sleep over for family game night. Everyone can get in on the fun and you’ll get to see your child’s social interactions with a friend during family time. Remember to have some snacks available.

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  • Keep your kiddos cool. It’s going to be easy for your child to overheat and lose energy with outdoor sports practices this spring. Make sure you keep up on AC service and maintenance in Middleburg, FL so your child has a reliable way to cool off indoors after a warm game in the sun. We recommend a seasonal maintenance visit to have your AC ready for the demands of Florida’s hot spring and summer climate.
  • Plan an outing to the local park. Think about places where you always recommend out of town friends to visit but haven’t gone to for a while yourself. It’s time to make new memories there. Plan a picnic or walk together.

The spring doesn’t have to be a season to hide indoors, make your home a place of cool comfort that you can come back to after each adventure with your child. Call Weather Engineers, Inc. to schedule your AC service and maintenance in Middleburg, FL today at (904) 503-7710.