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Wanda Heavner

Wanted to give everyone an update of my service with you guys. It is (and always has been) excellent! We just had our December maintenance inspection and it went flawlessly. I also wanted to let everyone know how convenient it was using the Pre-Paid Maintenance Program. It is very cost-effective, and makes your life a lot easier. You don’t need to worry about when to schedule a check (they call you), and since the program charge is paid in advance, there is no charge to pay for your inspection. These inspections are a must in keeping your unit in good …

Ernie Cohen

Good Morning, All… Just a quick email to let you know how much all of us at Clay Behavioral & Kids First appreciate your generosity & your support! We were so moved by the Community response to our Reverse Raffle Fundraiser which took place this past Friday evening at The Hilltop Restaurant. An additional THANK YOU to all of you who were able to actually join us at the event…..We had a full house, & everybody appeared to be having a great time!! Your amazing donations & sponsorship’s mean more to us than you’ll ever know! They will significantly help …

Brian Rose

I always like to share great news. Wanted you to know the great job your employee did for us today on the west side office. Appreciate your help and have a great day.

Stephanie Mason

As you know nothing can be easy, there is a sensor on our units on the roof called “copper stopper” if the censor is not turned off and the unit is messed with the police will be notified. I called Mark to see how to turn the censor off (he was not very much help) the weather engineer tech googled the company talked to the salesman and figured out how to do it so he could complete the job!!! He did not get aggravated when he had to wait for Mark to call me back. I swear the office already …

Robin Cooper

On November 16th, we had a new air conditioning and heating system put into our home. My husband had taken several bids for a new system, Ray the salesman came out to the house and gave his bid along with his expertise on ventilation, air filters, sizing of the units and an impressive concern for our needs. My husband felt so comfortable with him that we took the bid even though it was higher than of the rest, because no one else seemed as concerned for our needs as Ray. We needed our electrical wiring upgraded, the heat pump and …

Howard M. Cadmus (Vice President and Secretary)

Thank you for the detailed “walk-through” which you conducted at our building after the completion of the installation of a new Carrier Air Conditioning System by your firm. The reaction of the employees to the new system is excellent and it is operating in the balanced manner providing even cooling throughout the building. We are please with the workmanship displayed by your people in installing the system. Our own employees commented on many occasions that you people “knew what they where doing” and the entire project was accomplished with a minimum of upset to us, despite the fact that you …

William H. Whitcomb

I noticed your advertisement for air duct cleaning, advised my wife and she set an appointment with you to have the air ducts in our house cleaned. She called and told me you inspected our air ducts and determined they do not need cleaning, answered her questions and did not charge for your time. Both my wife and i were really impressed and in the future we would like to use any services you provide to homeowners.

Nick J. Tsengas (Airport Engineer)

The Jacksonville Port Authority is very pleased with the organization and performance of Weather Engineers in the installation of the new chiller at JIA. It has been a pleasure working with such a conscientious and capable firm, and we look forward to the possibility of working with you again in the future.

Barry A. Whilden.

Shortly after the first of the year I had the need to change our air conditioning and heating system within our home as the result of my wife’s allergies and respiratory issues. I contacted several air conditioning companies and expressed to each of their representatives the reason that I was changing out our system, and that I needed each of them to provide me with a proposal that would best accommodate our particular needs. I had the pleasure of meeting with Mr. Jeff Ring of your company who presented himself in a very professional manner. I was most impressed with …

A. A. Parise (Manager)

The December Shutdown has been acknowledged as one of the best preventive maintenance projects that Vistakon has conducted. Much of the work that we do during the two extended shutdowns (December and July) can only be done at these times and there is never enough time to do all that we would like to accomplish. You are one of five contractors competing for time to do desired and/or required projects, along with the normal Vistakon Engineering and Maintenance crews working on equipment and facilities. The success of such a complex project requires teamwork, cooperation and much hard work and sacrifice …

Ed Flemming

I wish to take this opportunity to write and inform you about the outstanding success of your Envirovac Air Duct Cleaning, Newtron Filters, and Spaceguard Air Filtration System. Since returning to Jacksonville, I have been continually plagued with respiratory allergies and related problems. My wife and I have spent thousands of dollars in replacing carpets with hardwood flooring and additional thousands of dollars on medical treatments, physicians (three), and medicines including theophylline, Asthmacort and Entax L.A. In January your firm performed a complete environmental cleaning of our heating and air conditioning system, including duct and furnace unit cleaning. Also your …

B. Allen Borden

I want to take the time to express our appreciation for the air conditioning systems Weather Engineers installed in our new home. The quality of the work was excellent. The systems work almost perfectly. This is the first time I have ever been in a home and not heard the system operate or feel virtually no air movement. Also I realize because of the relationship with Weather Engineers and C.C. Borden that you probably saved us 25% to 30% on the system installation.

John W. Bentley, Sr. (President)

Allied Mechanical would like to express its appreciation for the excellent work, especially when it relates to one of the MOST VALUABLE CUSTOMERS. Your punctuality, craftsmanship and relationship to the customer was perfect. John Step and Greg really did a stand up job. I am looking forward to cleaning more ducts with Envirovac in the future

Oliver Horton

During the last storm we lost power for 18 hours. We have a small generator that was able to keep our mini-split working as well as other equipment other than the large air unit. We are extremely satisfied with this unit and would highly recommend it to any home-owner or business that has one area that is not properly controlled by the large unit. Thanks again for your recommendation of the mini-split.

Susan Yaw

“Every time your technician Cary comes out to my home he does absolutely perfect work and he is a perfect gentleman. I recommend Weather Engineers, Inc. to everyone.”

Stewart & Patti Welch

“We want to express our appreciation to the entire crew at Weather Engineers. We are so happy with our new system. It is everything you promised and we are so impressed with the professionalism, on time delivery and neatness shown by your entire crew. Every problem we had in the past has been solved and we couldn’t be happier!”

L. J. Beard (V.P. & General Manager)

Just wanted to let you and your staff know how refreshing is was this past week in our newly air conditioned manufacturing facility. The job you company did was first class as you met your schedules just like clockwork (even with a slight diversion to hook up our environmental chamber). Long story short, this was a major investment for APC and if the first week is any indication, our people will be enjoying Weather Engineers’ efforts for many summers (and winters) to come. Thanks again for a job well done.






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