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Five things you can do with the money and time you saved by scheduling AC planned maintenance in Jacksonville, FL.


Five things you can do with the money and time you saved by scheduling AC planned maintenance in Jacksonville, FL.

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Poorly maintained air conditioners can waste a lot of money. By having a professional inspect your AC unit and give it a tune up, you can save some serious cash each month as the summer heat rolls in. Professional maintenance can save you as little as $20 a month or as much as $100 a month on your utility bills, all because your poorly maintained AC unit was wasting power.
So here is a list of ways you can use all that extra money you didn’t know you could be saving to treat yourself to some of the little things in life. After all, you deserve it.

1. Go to a movie

If you’re like me, you don’t have a lot of extra time to go to movies with all the responsibilities you need to take care of. More so, I just don’t normally decide to spend money on seeing a new movie in the theatres, even though it can be a lot of fun.
But hey, with the money you save in just one month on your utility bills because your AC unit is properly serviced you can easily afford one or maybe even two movie tickets to the newest release. Take someone on a date, or treat yourself to a bag of popcorn. Depending on how much you had neglected your AC repairs in the past, you might even have money leftover.

2. Go bowling

While the Weather Engineers are at your place servicing your AC unit, you can take your family out bowling. Sure, you haven’t saved any money on air conditioning yet, but summer is on its way. AC planned maintenance in Jacksonville, FL will save you piles of money in the months to come.
So treat yourself and someone special to a few lanes and a beer at your local bowling alley. By the time you get home, your house will be the perfect temperature and your bills will already be shrinking.

3. Treat your significant other or yourself to dinner

Your utility bills savings in a month are more than enough to treat yourself to dinner, so why not take someone special on a date to their favorite local eatery. Whether you eat out regularly or save it for special occasions, a well serviced AC unit can afford you an extra dinner on the town each month. Depending on your tastes and the prior state of your AC unit, you may even be able to get away with going out twice! Food never tasted so good as when you’re spending free money on it.

4. Take a roadtrip

Maybe you can’t get away from work for a week at a time, but you can certainly hit the road for a day. Go see a nearby city or sight that you love or have always wanted to see. Go somewhere new and exciting and take pictures all along the way. The gas is covered, unless you drive a hummer. And hey, you can even give your AC a break for a day while you’re away from the house– that means you can save even more money while you’re out spending the money you’ve saved.

5. Get a massage

Maybe, since you don’t need to worry about your AC unit this summer, you just want to relax and enjoy the feeling of having everything taken care of. Why not get a massage? Sure, it might cost a up to two months worth of your newfound energy savings, but it will surely be worth it. After all, your AC unit has just been pampered so why not treat yourself to a little pampering too. That way you can both have a moment to relax before all the excitement of summer is upon us.
If any of these sound like fun to you, call Weather Engineers, Inc. today to schedule AC planned maintenance in Jacksonville, FL. One month from now, you’ll have saved enough money on your utility bills that you can pick your favorite off of this list and treat yourself. To schedule your service, call us at (904)356-3963.