Why Spring Is The Best Time Of The Year To Have Your AC Checked

Why Spring Is The Best Time Of The Year To Have Your AC Checked


Why Spring Is The Best Time Of The Year To Have Your AC Checked

Why Spring Is The Best Time Of The Year To Have Your AC Checked
Fortunately for this side of the country, temperatures are now at a nice warm level that let us enjoy outdoor activities a bit more every day. As the winter starts to become a distant memory, we all become more than eager to plan what to do when the summer arrives. Some are already busy organizing their next holiday, while some are still arranging a thorough spring cleaning. Whatever your plans are, we all know how important it is to be prevented to avoid discomfort in the future. We at Weather Engineers, Inc try to always be one step ahead, and since we care so much about our customers, we’d like to share with you the importance of hiring Clean Air Professionals in Jacksonville FL for maintenance services, especially during spring.

Problems won’t become BIG problems

Noticing how what seems like a small issue can develop into a big headache, is one of the reasons why we should always be preventive. We always advise running maintenance on your AC system as well as other appliances that require it, at least once a year. This way, you will be able to detect minor issues that could grow with the effect of a snowball when unnoticed. Usually, as life is, these snowballs can crash and reach their worst when you’ll need your system the most: Summer. Fixing or checking your AC during spring will not only guarantee a relaxed summer in regards of cooling, but it could also save you a fortune.

You could have some extra money down the line

When running maintenance on your AC unit, one of the greatest advantages you can have is that everything can be detected in good time. A sudden problem might incur higher expenses, while if it’s noticed at an early stage before it actually becomes a headache, the prices and the time you have to make decisions will be on your side.
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It’s healthier

Your AC unit has probably been rather inactive during the past few months, and it’s very obvious why. Cold weather can affect the performance of your system in the future. Debris and dust can both build-up becoming a potential trigger to bigger problems long term. The humidity that winter brings, can also make of your AC the perfect home for mold to develop, making it a hazard to your family’s health. Having your unit well maintained will stop all these issues from developing into something serious. Once you have your system checked by professionals, all unwanted elements will no longer be within. Which also means that the air that will come out of it when turned on after a long time will be clean. Your family will breath cool fresh clean air that has no residuals of dust or debris and therefore their health will be in much better shape.

You can also save some energy

When the hottest days strike and you decide to turn the AC up to send your house on a short trip to the north pole, a well-maintained unit won’t consume exaggerated amounts of energy due to failures or interference. A faulty system can generate phantom loads, or might require more electricity to work properly.
We at Weather Engineers, Inc want you to be able to enjoy the upcoming seasons to the most. Don’t wait til it’s too late! Hire our Clean Air Professionals in Jacksonville FL and let us take care of the rest! Call us today at (904) 503-7710.