Guide to Air Duct Cleaning Service Orange Park FL

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Guide to Air Duct Cleaning Service Orange Park FL


Taking advantage of our air duct cleaning service Orange Park FL is a practical way to remove fungi, dust, microbes, mold and bacteria lurking in the ventilation system. Our team of specialists employs a rigorous air cleaning process that starts with consultation and a pre-cleaning inspection. Cleaning the ducts on a regular basis helps eliminate the threat posed by allergens. Improving indoor air quality and comfort has never been easier thanks to years of experience. We provide the cleaning service at affordable prices. One ounce of dust in the ducts can host up to 40,000 dust mites. This represents a substantial air quality issue that can be easily eliminated using the portable vacuum collection unit fitted with a HEPA filter.

The use of professional-grade equipment, such as the truck-mounted vacuum collection unit makes a huge difference in ensuring cleaner ductwork. The state-of-the-art powerful vacuum systems boast superior suction power capable of collecting even the most stubborn dirt and contaminants. We use the equipment to properly clean the evaporator coil, blower, vent covers and the furnace. Agitation tools allow our crews to dislodge stubborn debris and dirt before blowing compressed air into the ducts. We always conduct a post-cleaning inspection to check for any remaining contaminants or dirt. Good air quality helps improve quality of life by ensuring a safe and healthy indoor environment.

We handle the cleaning quickly and efficiently to minimize disruption to your daily schedule. De-clogging the ducts is a sure-fire way to improve air circulation in the ventilation system. Let us assist you get rid of the contaminants and dirt at home or office. Cleaning dryer vents is a practical way to prevent dryer fire and save money by improving energy efficiency. Some of the signs of dirty ductwork include presence of excessive dust indoors, poor air conditioning energy efficiency, presence of dark filtration lines on walls and dirt on vent covers.