4 Signs That Warns it is Time to Schedule AC Repair in Jacksonville, FL!

4 Signs That Warns it is Time to Schedule AC Repair in Jacksonville, FL!

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If you are living in a climate where air conditioning is needed, then you have probably had to deal with the problem of your AC breaking down at some point. It can be frustrating when this happens, but you must figure out if there are other quick fixes available or if it is time for an AC repair in Jacksonville, FL. Here are four signs that it may be time to schedule an appointment with your local HVAC service provider.

1) You hear strange noises coming from the unit:

If you are hearing strange sounds coming from your unit, then there is probably an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. If it is something simple like a loose wire or disconnected hose, then this will likely result in the need for AC repair services in Jacksonville, FL. However, if you hear more serious noises such as hissing or rattling, then this may mean that there is an internal problem with the system which requires either part replacement or full AC repair service.

2) Your energy bills have increased significantly:

If you notice that your monthly energy bills have started increasing significantly, then there is probably an underlying issue with the AC. This could be due to either a problem with the unit or just general wear and tear on it. If this is something that occurs regularly at certain times of year (for example winter months), then it may simply mean that you need to schedule more regular maintenance for your AC system during these periods. However, if these high energy costs are continuing throughout spring/summer, then there is a chance that there is some sort of significant internal damage that needs repairing by a professional AC service company in Jacksonville, FL.

3) The unit seems to always malfunction on humid days:

If the AC seems to malfunction only on days with high humidity, then this is likely due to an underlying issue. It could be that there are some internal issues with the compressor or it may just need a good cleaning. If you notice this occurring regularly during certain months of the year (for example summer), then your system needs professional cooling and heating services in Jacksonville, FL.

4) You notice that your AC is leaking:

If you notice that there is a puddle of water under the unit, then it has probably sprung a leak and needs immediate attention. If left unrepaired for too long, this can lead to serious internal damage which causes future problems with the performance and longevity of the system. Even if you do not see any actual visible signs of leakage, there may be some sort of slow seepage which occurs over time and could indicate an underlying problem within the compressor or evaporator coil. The best thing to do in either case would be to have an HVAC contractor in Jacksonville, FL so that they can assess what exactly is causing these issues before more significant problems arise down the line.

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