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5 Furnace Warning Signs


If you’re observant, you may pick up your furnace’s red flags before it completely breaks down and leaves you in the cold.
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Stay with us as we show you five telltale signs your furnace isn’t faring so well.

  • Unexpectedly High Heating Bills

As your furnace gets older, it loses efficiency. It then has to run more frequently to maintain the required temperature. This shoots up your energy bills.

  • Frequent Repairs

Is your furnace breaking down ever so often? Frequent breakdowns are a sign your furnace has passed its prime. Repair bills may quickly pile up, and it becomes wiser to get a replacement. Heating installation is our specialty.

  • Your Furnace is Aging

If you do not know the age of your heating system, many of us don’t, just look at the label attached to it. If that doesn’t help, check the manufacturer’s website.

  • Strange Furnace Noises

If you’re able to pick up noises from your furnace, you may have saved yourself plenty of chills. Noises are one of the signs; something isn’t right. Whether it’s a rattling, grinding, popping, or some other strange noises, the earlier you call us to have a look, the better.

  • Dry Air

Dry air circulating your home is not always a good sign. It may have to do with humidity control issues or wrong unit size. The latter usually necessitates replacing the furnace. If you need heating installation in Jacksonville, FL, look no further.
To sum up, if you’re lucky to detect a failing furnace before it finally goes out, you’re one of the lucky few. For the rest of us, our best bet to avoid being left in the cold by a dead furnace is regular furnace checks. That is one of the things we do at Weather Engineers.

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