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The Benefits of AC Planned Maintenance Jacksonville FL


Air conditioners are reliable systems that can last for over a decade. If we take care of them, then they will take good care of us. There are simple tasks that homeowners can do like cleaning the system exteriors, ensuring good air circulation, replacing the air filters, and so on. Harder tasks can be given to the pros. Let the AC planned maintenance Jacksonville FL technicians from the Weather Engineers, Inc. handle the rest.

Reduced Monthly Utility Bills

This bit of work will result in a more efficient system. The things that often interfere with smooth operations will be eliminated such as clogs and leaks. Technicians will check every vital part to look for problems and prevent issues in the future. As a result, the consumption of energy will be less and the monthly bills will have a corresponding drop. Over time, the savings can cover or even exceed the cost of maintenance.

Extended Service Life

Cooling systems require a large investment. Small ones can cost a few thousands to purchase and install. Massive ones can cost tens of thousands and up. It’s in everyone’s interest to keep them running for as long as possible. No single thing causes ACs to break down. It’s the accumulation of wear across the years that eventually cause it to fail. Regular maintenance prevents this from building up.

Discounts and Other Perks

Our planned maintenance contracts include nice additions such as priority service and discounts. Our customers can pay significantly less than the standard rates if they require unit repairs. This applies to both parts and labor. We also have a number of promos that are exclusively available to Healthy System Program clients. We do not charge for overtime whenever services are rendered. We even throw in a free evaporator coil sanitation treatment to improve indoor air quality. Call us today for more information.