Ed Flemming - Weather Engineers Inc

Ed Flemming


I wish to take this opportunity to write and inform you about the outstanding success of your Envirovac Air Duct Cleaning, Newtron Filters, and Spaceguard Air Filtration System.
Since returning to Jacksonville, I have been continually plagued with respiratory allergies and related problems. My wife and I have spent thousands of dollars in replacing carpets with hardwood flooring and additional thousands of dollars on medical treatments, physicians (three), and medicines including theophylline, Asthmacort and Entax L.A.
In January your firm performed a complete environmental cleaning of our heating and air conditioning system, including duct and furnace unit cleaning. Also your firm installed a Newtron Air Filter on the air handlers. This greatly improved my allergies but when Weather Engineers later installed the Spaceguard Air Filter in the air return system, my allergies improved enough that I no longer require any medical treatment.
I feel very fortunate that the environmental cleaning program of your firm has enabled me to overcome my respiratory allergies and improved the quality of my life. For this I am eternally grateful and I am very happy to highly recommend the services of your firm.
Thank you again for enabling me to overcome my respiratory allergies and improve the quality of my life.