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Four Reasons To Keep Your AC On A Maintenance Schedule


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Don’t make the mistake of homeowners who neglect investments! Keep your home cool and comfortable year round by getting annual maintenance. Here are four of the biggest reasons you don’t want to let your air conditioning go without an annual checkup visit.
1. Don’t overpay on utilities
Did you know the average American pays more than half of home expenses each month on heating and cooling ( You’re going to overpay on air conditioning as well as heating year after year if you aren’t taking proper care of your AC unit. Why? Airflow is the most important aspect when it comes to operating your air conditioning system efficiently. The more blockage, the harder your AC has to work all the gears and motors inside to pull through ducts and condition air to those comfortable temperatures. A maintenance appointment lets a technician get all the dirty accumulating inside the unit and fan areas out. Any contaminants are out of the way and your system can pull in air like it’s supposed to and cool your home how it was meant to, restoring your unit to the efficiency level you paid for and keeping your bills lower.
2. Avoid an expensive breakdown
Maintenance is also the time a technician inspects, runs, and lubricates all the moving mechanical parts inside your AC power, thermostat, and fans. Continually putting pressure on your system to run when it has a problem that gets worse and worse means a very expensive breakdown. You might be paying emergency fees to get a technician over quickly and replacing large parts or the entire AC unit if you let this happen. When a technician gets a chance to look inside and inspect, it’s much easier to replace one small worn part and way more affordable. Avoid the inconvenience and big costs by having an annual checkup.
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3. Don’t make your family suffer through allergy season
Letting your AC accumulate dust, allergens, mold, pollens, dirt, and pesticides and other chemicals tracked into the home means increasing any respiratory symptoms for allergy sufferers in your family. When you get a maintenance visit, the air quality in your home is vastly improved. A technician changes filters and lets you know if it looks like you need to change yours more often to help your family in addition to cleaning out ducts and all the contaminants and filth that escape behind a clogged air filter, to get clean, filtered air circulating the home.
4. Keep your investment going long-term
We know you pay a lot to get an air conditioning unit in the first place so it’s important for you to get the full value out of your investment. Getting a maintenance visit means keeping your AC from wearing out prematurely, and helping you fully recoup all the upfront costs of buying and installing in the first place.
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