Save Yourself the Trouble of a Heater Breakdown in the Middle of Winter, with Residential Heater maintenance

Save yourself the trouble of a heater breakdown in the middle of Winter, with Residential Heater maintenance


Just like the human body, your home heating system is very dependable. Neglecting your body could make you unhealthy. Similarly routine residential heating maintenance will help you identify issues that can be rectified before they become a full blown crisis.

Heating systems used in homes are one of the following types


  •   Forced Air Systems:

Air is heated with oil or gas furnace which then moves through ducts.

  • Hydronic Systems:

A gas or oil fired boiler transports heat through radiators.

No matter which kind you have; yearly maintenance to keep your utility bills low and Winters worry free is absolutely vital.

Our technicians at Weather Engineers take care of your residential heaters with a list of thorough checks which including the following:

For Forced Air Systems:

Air filter checks to ensure clean air. Specially for homes with pets or people who suffer from airborne allergies. Replacing air filters once in three months is recommended.

Ductwork checked once a year for mold buildup and rust. Open joints are re-sealed.

Clean ductwork and registers as required.

Clear dust and soot from furnace chambers and blower.

Inspect blower belt for proper tension and operation.

For Hydronic Systems:

Check for accumulated water which would mean leaks. Our trained HVAC technicians can diagnose if leaks are due to loose joints or defective pipes.

Lubricating the pump that circulates the heat.

Clean radiator fins and surface.

Drain and flush the system.

Check water temperature and pressure.

In addition, thermostats are common to both kinds of systems and should not be left out during maintenance.  The thermostat is tested to make sure the furnace is firing up and shutting off properly with the thermostat being turned up and down.

It’s better to trust the maintenance in the hands of a trained technician, rather than doing it yourself.

Call Weather Engineers, Inc and allow our technicians to be ones that you really trust.