Signs You Need to Plan AC Replacement in Jacksonville, FL!

Signs You Need to Plan AC Replacement in Jacksonville, FL!

AC Replacement in Jacksonville, FL

One of the most important aspects of any building is its air conditioning and cooling system. Without a good AC, employees will be uncomfortable and productivity might decline. You may not need to replace your air conditioner yet, but there are some signs that you should start planning for it right away! Here are 5 signs that indicate when it’s time to plan AC replacement in Jacksonville, FL:

1) Your old unit has been in operation for more than 10 years –  Most units are only expected to last around 15 years. If you’ve had yours in operation for more than 20, it’s time to start planning AC replacement.

2) The annual energy cost exceeds $200 per year – If your unit is costing significantly more to keep running each year, it may be time for a replacement.

3) You have had several service calls on the same problem during the past 12 months – Though you have opted for the best AC repair in Jacksonville, FL and the AC fails continuously, then this could mean that there is a serious problem with the unit.

4) High humidity levels can’t be corrected by changing settings on thermostats or humidistat – Humidity is a problem in many areas and can cause discomfort for employees. If high humidity levels are coming from your unit, but you’re not able to adjust it with your settings, it may be time to plan AC replacement.

5) Your energy bills have been rising steadily – This could indicate that there’s an issue with the current system. As older units wear out over time or parts become obsolete, their efficiency declines significantly which means increased costs on running them. In addition to being less comfortable indoors when temperatures rise outside during summer months, these higher electric bills also mean greater strain on utility grids and a larger environmental footprint! By opting for AC installation services near me or in Jacksonville, FL, you should be able to get your AC fixed up in no time!

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