Warning Signs You Should Schedule Emergency Furnace Repair in Jacksonville, FL!

Warning Signs You Should Schedule Emergency Furnace Repair in Jacksonville, FL!

Emergency Furnace Repair Jacksonville Fl

Is your furnace starting to make strange sounds? Does it seem like the heat is coming out lukewarm or even cold air? These can be signs that you need emergency furnace repair in Jacksonville, FL. Here are some of the most common warning signs:

Furnace making strange sounds or clicking:  If you hear your furnace making strange sounds or clicking, it might be due to a loose part or other issues. You’ll want to schedule emergency furnace repair immediately so it doesn’t affect the performance of your unit in the long term.

Furnace turns on but no heat: If you turn the thermostat up and the heater is still not coming on, it’s time to call an expert for emergency heating repair in Jacksonville, FL. There could be an issue with the gas or electrical supply.

Temperature drops significantly: Also, if it feels like the temperature in your house is dropping by five degrees or more in under fifteen minutes, you need to schedule heating maintenance in Jacksonville, FL. This may indicate that there’s a gas leak.

Furnace turns on but there is no fire: If your furnace starts running but it doesn’t have a flame, you need to call an emergency repair technician right away. This can be potentially dangerous and can cause carbon monoxide poisoning if it’s not fixed immediately.

No hot water in the shower: A lack of hot water in your shower can be an indicator that something is wrong. There could be sediment build-up or a problem with the water heater itself.

Water leakage: An unusual amount of water on the floor around your unit can indicate a leaking or damaged pipe inside. This is a serious problem and you’ll need to call a master plumber right away.

These are just some of the most tell-tale signs that something with your heating system isn’t working correctly. Remember, a professional can determine the problem and provide a solution quickly. Weather Engineers provides the best emergency furnace repair in Jacksonville, FL, and can be there as quickly as possible. Call 904-478-9544 for more information.