Weather Engineer’s AC Repair Service Jacksonville FL

The Weather Engineer’s AC Repair Service Jacksonville FL


It’s nice to have sunny weather outside but most homeowners like it cool and comfortable inside. If the air conditioner breaks down, then the family will have to face days of disrupted sleep and irritating heat. Don’t let this persist. Call for AC repair service Jacksonville FL specialists as soon as possible. Make it the Weather Engineers Inc. to avail of the following advantages:
Flat Rate Pricing
Other HVAC companies charge per hour. This pricing model makes it difficult to predict just how much you are going to pay for the service. You might think that an issue would be easy to fix but hours later the technicians are still hard at work and your bill just keeps on piling. We use flat rate pricing to avoid surprises. Customers will always know how much they are paying even before we start. You can count on this kind of transparency in all transactions.
Repair Service Warranty
Repairs are only as good as the permanence of the solution. Some technicians finish things quickly but only because they only solved the symptom and not the root cause. This will inevitably lead into a recurrence. We make sure that our solutions deal with the underlying cause so that you can feel lasting relief. We are even willing to back this up with a repair service warranty. We provide 30 days for labor and one year for all parts.
Scheduled and Emergency Repairs
For minor issues, schedule an appointment and we’ll make sure that our technicians come right on time to provide assistance. For sudden breakdowns and other major concerns, you can call our hotline and request for emergency service. We are available 24/7 for all of your needs. Don’t hesitate to tell us about what’s happening with your system. Our team will work with you for an immediate solution.