Weather Engineers: The Heater Repair Service That Treats You Like Family

Weather Engineers: The Heater Repair Service That Treats You Like Family


Hi there. We are Weather Engineers, the heater repair service that Jacksonville and the surrounding areas have loved since 1963. For over 50 years, we have worked hard to provide our communities with the kind of comfort that can only come from knowing that you are home and while we know that our expertise had a lot to do with our success… we also know that the principles we built upon were just as important.

We are Family Owned and Operated…

Not many businesses are family owned anymore. That is understandable. When the economy took a dive, we lost a lot of our amazing mom and pop operations. We have been fortunate enough to stay afloat for so long, continuing to grow, because of our impeccable customer loyalty. Not only are we operated by our family-family – we are also an extended family. Everyone we hire, we hire because they “fit” into our brood. It sure makes for a crowded Thanksgiving table, but it sure is worth it.

Let Our Family Treat You Like Kin Too.

From our office staff to our techs in the field and every employee in between, we are dedicated to being the crew that you can trust to always treat you like family too. When your heater needs repairing, Christopher, Jeff, Glen, Matt or one of our two incredible Michaels, (we liked them so much we had to get double), will show up at your door to help. We know you will like them too. They are all pretty amazing and we are proud to have them on board.

When your heater goes on strike, call Weather Engineers to schedule an appointment today.  We look forward to showing you the difference we can make in helping to restore that home sweet home feeling to your castle again.