What are the effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality in Jacksonville, FL?

What are the effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality in Jacksonville, FL?

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Your home can be a dangerous place to live in the air quality is poor. Indoor air pollutants may include smoke, pollen, dust, bacteria, and other harmful substances. Even when these contaminants are limited in number there may still be problems with indoor air quality, such as an increased level of carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide. Poor indoor air quality comes with a variety of health risks and consequences. The first step to understanding how poor indoor air quality in your Jacksonville, FL home affects you is learning a list of the effects it has on your body.

1) Headaches

You may have often experienced a headache after being inside a poorly ventilated area, such as an enclosed conference room or crowded movie theater. Higher levels of carbon dioxide in the air can lead to headaches. If your home or office has high levels of carbon dioxide, you may notice that you are always feeling tired and worn out. Ensure to take steps to get purified indoor air in your Jacksonville, FL home, or office to alleviate the health risks.

2) Depression

Higher than normal levels of carbon monoxide can trigger bad mood swings, aggression, confusion, memory loss, and depression.

3) Dry skin and throat

Poor indoor air quality can lead to dry skin and throat. It is common for people who live in drafty, cold homes with no heat source to experience dry skin on their face, hands, and feet. If your home’s ventilation system does not remove the moisture from the air you may also notice that your lips are constantly chapped and your nose is dry.

4) Asthma and allergies

In addition to being a common cause of asthma, pollen can have harmful effects on those who have been diagnosed with respiratory conditions such as chronic bronchitis or hay fever. People suffering from environmental allergies often notice that their symptoms are worse when they are indoors. By adding allergy reducers in your Jacksonville, FL living space, you can protect yourself and your family from poor indoor air quality.


If you suspect that your home has a ventilation problem, it’s best to take action as soon as possible. Make sure there is proper ventilation in your kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room. Inspect your fireplace to make sure it isn’t leaking fumes into the air.

Consider purchasing an air purifier to help reduce the contaminants in the air. It is also important to ensure that your home has proper drainage and installed appliances that are Energy Star rated. You should call a professional like Weather Engineers if you need further help with solving these problems or understanding their severity. Call us at 904-503-7710 for more information.