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When an Air Conditioning Replacement is Due


While you’ll incur big costs in installing a new air conditioning system, it is much cheaper than repairing an old and failing one every now and then. Although you may still want to keep your old AC, certain indications will let you know that it is time to let go off it.  As the best Air Conditioning Replacement St Johns FL has to offer, Weather Engineers Inc. provides expert opinion on the best time to kick out the old AC and welcome a new one.

When Your AC Is Too Old
The older your air conditioner gets, the more frequent repairs it will need. While you’ll have to pay dearly for the repairs, you’ll still remain with the same old system. In addition, you may have to count huge losses as a result of lost business during the period of repair. For a home setting, a failed AC system will cause discomfort, especially for people with such health problems as allergy and asthma.
High Energy Bills
The air conditioner manufacturing industry is always coming up with new designs of AC equipment. While they have improved efficiency, the latest designs of air conditioners use far much less energy. To get the benefits of the upgraded designs, you’ll have to get rid of the old one. Remember, as the system gets old, it will strain in fulfilling its functions, consuming more energy in the process.
Poor Ductwork Efficiency
If the ducts leak, the result is poor efficiency of the entire system. To know how much air is lost, you should seal the vents. However, you can resort to sealing the ducts rather than replacing the system, especially if the other components do not need repair or replacement.
If you are moving to a new home, office or would like to upgrade the air conditioning system in industrial buildings, Weather Engineers is the best bet in providing quality AC replacement. In addition, you’ll get expert energy evaluations and correct measurements of the needed replacement. Call Weather Engineers Inc. to schedule your appointment today!