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Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance

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The Purpose:

Planned Maintenance
There two main reasons why we perform maintenance on air conditioning and heating systems. One is to prolong the life of your air conditioning and heating system. Just as you would have maintenance done on your vehicle, such as changing the oil and rotating the tires, you want to have maintenance done on your air conditioning and heating system so that it last longer and you do not get as many “surprise” breakdowns. The second main reason is to lower the cost on your utility bill. As you know, cars run at there peak performance when they are serviced regularly.

The same goes with your air conditioning and heating system. When having twice a year maintenance done on your air conditioning and heating system, it will consistently run at its peak performance costing you less to run it.


The Benefits:

  • Extended life on your air conditioning and heating system!
  • Lower utility bills!
  • One FREE service diagnostic every year you enroll!
  • No overtime charges on services no matter what time it is!
  • FREE evaporator coil microbiocide treatment each visit which helps to kill bacterias and germs in your air conditioning and heating system!
  • Priority care!
  • Discounts on services and parts if you run into a repair!
  • Special offers! Periodically we will have special offers exclusive to our Healthy System Program customers.

The Process:

The Healthy System Program is a 13 points check on your entire air conditioning and heating system. This is a very effective program including services such as:

  • Lubricating where possible
  • Checking the defrost cycle and reversing valve operation
  • Checking the electric heat strips for proper operation
  • Checking safety devices and electrical connections for tightness
  • Checking the blower belt wear, tension, and alignment (if applicable)
  • Checking the indoor & outdoor for cleanliness and rinsing the outdoor coil
  • A visual check for oil and refrigerant leaks
  • Testing electrical controls for proper operation
  • Checking refrigerant pressures
  • Checking refrigerant controls and coil temperatures
  • Cleaning the condensate drain
  • Performing a static pressure test at the air handler (once annually)

Find Out What’s Included in our 13 Points Inspection