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Hire Best AC installation Service Provider in Jacksonville FL

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Smart pick for your AC installation

Installing a new cooling system is a major investment in your home or office that requires plenty of preliminary thought and planning. Although recommendations from friends certainly help, this is no time to rely on amateurs. In fact, for major decisions like your AC installation in Jacksonville, FL, you need impartial advice from a licensed contractor whose ample experience can guide you towards the best possible choice of equipment for your home or office.
Familiarity with a wide range of brands and models is vital, ensuring that you get top value for money. By picking a system that is tailored precisely to your needs, you keep future utility bills as low as possible.
Remember, although a smaller unit may be cheaper, it will be forced to work harder in order to maintain the level of comfort you want. This leads to higher monthly running costs, more frequent breakdowns (with greater inconvenience and increasingly expensive repairs), and a shorter working life. All this simply brings you back onto the market for a replacement system far sooner than you – and your budget – would like.

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However, picking an oversized system won’t avoid these problems. More expensive to purchase and trickier to install, larger units consume more electricity each month. Worse still – particularly in hot and humid climates like Florida – an oversized system brings room temperatures down quickly and then shuts off. This means that its cycles don’t last long enough to remove water vapor from the air, which normally takes up to half an hour. Apart from damp discomfort, indoor humidity encourages mold, which is a serious health hazard that can also undermine property values.
As a rule of thumb, it should take about three hours to bring the temperature down by 10°F in an average four-bedroom home, obviously depending on other factors like outside temperatures, shade and insulation. To get a rough idea of the size of the unit you would need, reputable HVAC contractors calculate around one ton of air conditioning capacity for each 600 square feet of floor area, often abbreviated to 600 sf/ton.
But the huge HVAC market is no place for unwary buyers to pick out new cooling equipment through guesswork. Instead, you can shore up your assets and protect your family’s health through discussing your needs with the best Ac installation company in Jacksonville, FL. Whether large or small, our NATE-certified technicians can help you choose the most cost-effective option for your home or office, always bearing in mind your investment ceiling, future plans and monthly budget constraints.
As a family firm with the third generation already learning the ropes, Weather Engineers is well aware that making such an important choice is a nerve-wracking process. We offer you a friendly hand to steer you through all the steps involved in your AC installation in Jacksonville, FL, avoiding pitfalls and helping you over all the hurdles involved in closing a deal and possibly financing your purchase. Just let us know how we can help you by reaching out to our team at (904) 478-9605!