Need Expert AC Repair in Jacksonville, FL, and the Surrounding Areas

Need Expert AC Repair in Jacksonville, FL, and the Surrounding Areas


When You Need Expert AC Repair

Maybe your company system was switched off or not maintained during lockdown? Or perhaps your home units worked twice as hard keeping your family comfortable? Either way, your rooms now feel hot and stuffy, there might be an odd smell, or perhaps some disturbing noises.
These are fairly clear signs that you need to call us for professional AC repair in Jacksonville, FL, before things get any worse. After all, your cooling system is one of the most expensive items installed in your home. Like any mechanical system, a minor defect can quickly wreck connected components, pumping up repair times and costs, and possibly even requiring a complete replacement.

Call us sooner rather than later

A small part costing less than a hundred dollars, the thermostat can destroy your entire system, if poorly calibrated. Misreading the thermostat, the compressor shuts off too soon, but then starts up again as the temperature rises, in a short-cycling process that can also burn up the motors. Even a simple part like a condensate drain tube may cost only a few dollars to replace, but a leak could cause extensive (and expensive!) damage to floors and furnishings, while a full drain pan can repeatedly trigger the AC unit off switch.
If you don’t want to break your budget, but still feel confident that you are caring properly for your family’s comfort and safety, this is when you need to call in a licenced contractor for top-quality air conditioner repair in Jacksonville, FL. You want to feel confident that you are getting a competitive quote for its NATE-certified technicians to trace the real source of a fault back through your system and fix it properly.

Rapid but responsible response

Although our NATE-certified technicians stand ready to respond with high-speed services every day of the week when you need the best AC repair near Jacksonville, FL, they do so with respect for the safety of your employees, or your family when sheltering in place. Having confirmed before leaving that they are fever-free, once on your premises they comply with the best practices recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), staying as far away from other people as possible when finding a solution to your problem. In addition to regular hand washing, their toolkits now include hand sanitiser, also used to clean their iPads so that customers can sign their digital documentation with peace of mind.
None of us know when shaking hands will become a common courtesy again, rather than a medical threat. However, our technical staff are still just as friendly when working on your A/C repair in Jacksonville, FL, happy to clear up your doubts and offer expert advice.
Although our business practices have been updated as required to preserve the health and safety of our staff and customers, our ethics and principles have remained unchanged for three generations. Set up in 1963, many of our commercial customers for AC repair in Jacksonville, FL, have been with us right from the start, while some of our residential customers have been trusting us with their homes for close to three decades.  Call us today at (904) 478-9605!