Residential Heater Maintenance Service

Residential Heater Maintenance Service


Maintenance is crucial to all types of heaters. Whether they use gas, coal, geothermal or electricity, it is prudent that you have the heating system checked regularly to avoid breakdowns at peak winter. If you are looking for the best residential heater maintenance service, hire Weather Engineers, Inc. We offer among others, air conditioning service, duct cleaning, repairs and installation of heating and cooling equipment for commercial residential and industrial application. Our products are of quality with Daikin as our main product brand. We have been providing our quality and customer oriented service since 1963 to Jacksonville and the surrounding areas.

Why you need regular heater maintenance?

When our technicians advise you to change a filter once every three months, be sure to do so since failure to heed the advice may lead to greater consequences. For one, a dirty filters causes inefficiencies which may lead to equipment break down. On that count we recommend that you contact us to check your system, conduct maintenance work as well as tune ups in preparation for the winter. Furthermore, our technicians are qualified, experienced, bonded, insured and licensed to conduct all kind of heating and ventilation jobs. That said, having the opinion of an expert regarding your heater is strongly advised.

Exploring your options

Regardless of the frequency and quality of maintenance work, equipment malfunctions are inevitable. Remember the rule of thumb regarding replacement of the heater versus repair or maintenance cost. Before our technicians do anything on site, be sure to consult on the extent of the damage or maintenance cost. If the cost of repair is half that of installing a new unit, forego the repair. Likewise, replace the heater if it has attained the 15 year mark regardless of the operating conditions. On that note, schedule maintenance work early to avoid the busy period around the winter when we are very busy. For all your residential heater maintenance and cooling needs, call us today and schedule an appointment.