Weather Engineers: The Best Heater Repair Service in Town

Weather Engineers: The Best Heater Repair Service in Town


Winter is quickly approaching and fall is right around the corner. These seasons are times when we are all so busy having fun, enjoying the grandstands and anticipating the possibility of snow. Here at Weather Engineers, we want your chilly seasons to be warm from the inside out so that you can get lost in the magic of the south during the holidays… and not get lost in a terrible mood because your heater stopped working.

Gators Fan or Dawgs Fan… We’ve Got You Covered

Whether you are a Dawgs fan or a Gators fan, Weather Engineers works hard to be an equal opportunity heater repair service for football fans everywhere serving Jacksonville and the surrounding counties (a couple which just so happen to fall in South Georgia.) Let’s face it – the Dawgs and Gators don’t mix very well, but we have made it work since 1963.

Financing Options When You Need Them

We know that fall will be spent on tailgating and turkey. Winter will be about gifts and trees. That means that your cooler seasons are pretty much pinched tight. This is why we offer financing options so that you never have to choose between the fun stuff and the necessities.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Maybe the game went into overtime and you didn’t even notice how cold it was until your beer didn’t get warm… even after midnight. That is alright. We understand and you can call us anytime day or night to come out and restore the comfort to your home.

When you wake up in the middle of the night with a pizza hangover and the house feels like a popsicle, don’t roll over and try to go back to sleep under 85 blankets. That’s just not very comfortable. Instead, contact us today to get your heat back in working order. Nothing trumps watching your favorite team play… except watching your favorite team play in a room that is anything but a popsicle.